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Are You Sabotaging Your Own Emails by Not Optimizing for Different Platforms?

Email marketing can be tricky enough without us making the job even more difficult. With mobile email open rates rising rapidly, it can be a virtual death sentence for your business should you overlook optimizing your marketing emails for small screens.

Mobile email opens are exploding!

Mobile email has become the most opened email, surpassing desktop with a robust 36 percent, according to Combine that with the fact that email is the favored online communication mode of 74 percent of all adults, and you start to see why it’s so important. And it’s not just phones either.
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5 Reasons You Need a Mobile Marketing Strategy for Your Business

The web is going mobile, and it’s still not too late to jump aboard the mobile bandwagon and capture a piece of what is growing to be a rather large pie! Google reports that more than one half of all local searches are executed on mobile devices of some sort. Everyone is doing business on the move, browsing and price comparing on the way to shop. Now is the time to make sure your small business is aligned to take advantage of this mobile revolution. Here are five easy ways to get this done!
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5 Marketing Strategies Big Business Doesn’t Want Small Business to Know About

Local mobile marketing can be a virtual goldmine!

But you wouldn’t realize it studying the marketing activities of most local businesses…

The era of the smart phone is here but many small local business owners are still in the dark ages. They’re playing catch up with their clients and their behavior. A recent survey showed of 500 small business owners showed on 26 percent of respondents invested time and money in optimizing their website for mobile devices! What does this mean for small business owners? It means this is a great time to stand out from the crowd. The mobile customers are ripe for the picking and you’re in perfect position to reap the rewards!
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5 Essential Steps For Small Business Marketing

5 Key Steps to Place Your Small Business Ahead of the Competition

Small business marketing isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you have been in marketing for more than two seconds, you know that. Marketing your business is dependent on doing some key factors well and these things will make or break a small business in this dog eat dog world we live in. Competition is intense and understanding how to make the most from your web pages is tricky.

Here are five necessary steps to get ahead of the game!
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