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Using Google Local to Get More Customers!

Although it’s been a few months since Google merged with Google Places to become Google Local, there is some confusion as to precisely what this new entity would grow to be. Not anymore. One glowing illustration of what is possible for small business is the Google business page for They have utilized all of the features such as hangouts, video and more to garner more than 330,000 users within their circles. Companies are waking up to the massive opportunity that lies within Google Local and are finding fantastic ways to use it for finding buyers and prospects.

So let’s examine some of the best ways your small business can leverage this platform.

  • Be sure your Google Local page excels – The first and probably most important task is to be sure that your page is entirely filled out. Fill out all text areas that are asked for, as this makes a difference in how Google ranks your page. Also, use a ton of images, because this also affects the ranking of your page. There’s also the benefit of being able to present a vivid look at your site and merchandise.
  • Use the Google Local Search function to locate buyers – Using Google to look for new buyers and customers is a cinch. Just use the search bar at the top of your Google page to search for those people who are already talking about your niche or company. Add them to your Circles and start connecting with them!
  • Engage with potential buyers by creating offers – An excellent way to leverage your Google Local page is to create attractive offers and coupons which can be accessed directly from that page. This is a terrific method to convert Google visits to onsite purchases.
  • Use Google Hangouts as a media channel – There are a number of ways to use this versatile tool to pump up your business. You are able to conduct webinars, training sessions, online press conferences, offer free consults (related to your business) and even host your very own show. Google records these sessions, sends you the file, which you can then upload to YouTube. Beginning to see the opportunities?

I hope you’re starting to see just what the power of Google merged with Google Local, YouTube and the other parts of the Google arsenal could mean for your business. Get started on Google Local today!

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